Essay On The Constitution Of India And Social Justice

Thus, the making of Indian constitution did justice was a challenging task as it had to do justice to every group. It achieved her independence after a prolonged national movement. As stated by Chief Justice Gajendragadkar, "In this sense social justice holds the aims of equal opportunity to every 4 Inserted by Constitutional 42nd Amendment Act (1976) Social Justice is the foundation stone of Indian Constituion.It is found useful for everyone in its kind and flexible form. It is high time that the society gets relief from these undesirable social evils. In February 1928, In order to draft a future constitution of independent India,the National Congress, formed a committee presided by Motilal Neharu.They took into account the opinion of Muslims, Sikhs etc. The Indian Constitution. This study of justice concentrates on conditions of social justice in India and will not include general issues of criminal justice; the proposal refers mainly to social justice and popular ideas of justice, as linked to, but distinct from rights Constitutional Democracy, Judiciary and Social Justice in India Dr. Essay on Justice 1. We may start with certain provisions of the Constitution, which is the fundamental law of the land. B.R. Constitution is a living document, an instrument which makes the government system work. Very few Constitutions have. Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Dr. It achieved her independence after a prolonged national movement. Very few Constitutions have. Under Indian Constitution the use of social justice is accepted in wider sense which includes social and economical justice both. According to the National Health Profile 2018, India spends 1.02% of the gross domestic product on public healthcare, while Maldives spends 9.4%, Sri Lanka 1.6%, Bhutan 2.5%, and Thailand about 2.9%.In education, India’s public investment is around 2.7% of GDP. The principles of equality before law and equal protection of law contained in Article 14 impose an obligation on the state to provided even-handed justice to all alike SOCIAL JUSTICE AND THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA S. According to Chief Justice Gajendragadkar. The various provisions of the Constitution elucidated in the chapters on Fundamental Rights (justiciable) essay on the constitution of india and social justice and on Directive Principles of State Policies (non-justiciable) delineate the For the purposes of this essay,, ‘social group’ is. After India’s independence government invited B.R. B.R. The constitution of India, in its preamble speaks of justice-Social, Economic and political. No political party can afford to initiate any debate on the relevance of reservation policy; leave aside revising the policy.. Almost all forms of social issues and problems find their origin in the religious and cultural practices of the people of India. Ambedkar’s Social Justice: We can talk about social justice from different perspectives, like political, social, economic, and religious Social justice is the spirit and vision of the Indian Constitution. The philosophy of the Constitution of India were evolved during its nationalist struggle. It requires that the State should strive to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting, as effectively as it may, a social order in which justice social, economic and political shall inform all the institutions of national life. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Justice’ especially written for school and college students. One should remember that a Constitution is a fundamental law where lay down basic goals and fulfil the objectives PLAGIARISM FREE. India has been a country which has faced several cultural transformations across the ages. We the people gave unto ourselves the Constitution of India. Social, economic and political justice;; Freedom/liberty in idea, voicing opinions, faith, and devotion;; Equal status and opportunity to everyone;; And to promote among them all fraternit y assuring the dignity of the individual and the. Though, a constituent assembly was formed on 9 th December 1946, which had a difficult task of drafting constitution of our country, the process had began long back in year 1928.