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Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens

email  • Phone • www.MollyVisualArt.com


MOLLY STEVENS has exhibited her work since 2003 in the United States, Germany, France and Mexico.

She has organized group shows and has presented lively visual lectures as a means of giving wide-ranging context to her work and that of other artists.

In addition to her dedicated studio practice, Molly works as a commercial mural painter and as a French translator of art writing.

In 2004, she received her MA in Art in New Media from NYU. She was awarded a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 1994.

Molly has had her studio in Walton since 2005. She was born in Manhattan in 1972.

“Any Walton resident who gardens or mows the lawn knows that our soil is rich with rocks. With this piece, I am commemorating our Walton gold.

By gilding these rocks, I’m also making the natural world a point of pride, even when it is not immediately spectacular.

I’m interested in how art can be alive, how it can be generous, how it can be transformative, especially amidst personal and political antagonism, waning life and death. The natural world serves as a model and a resource for my explorations.”

Walton Gold
Gold leaf and enamel on Walton rocks
Dimensions variable

These are examples of the rocks that will be used to build the installation for WAW

American Rocks
Oil and enamel on rock and refractory brick
Dimensions variable

Belgian Cairn
digital drawing on photographic image
12” x 9”

Enamel on paper
30” x 22”

Mirror Mountain
Enamel on paper
30” x 23”